Flowing Through Suspension Yoga™

Flowing Through Suspension Yoga™

Amp up your practice this week with a HIIT version of Suspension with the Full Body Workout by Polina, deep stretches with Suspension Flow for Hamstrings with Shanjitha and wrap up your practice with a 1/2 hr spinal therapy session with Beatrix's latest video, Suspension Yoga For A More Flexible Spine. This playlist covers all the fitness basics of stretching, strengthening and stress-releasing and can be done all at once, broken up throughout your day or, spread throughout your week and cycled back to as many times as you like your week.

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Flowing Through Suspension Yoga™
  • Suspension Fullbody Workout with Polina

    Stretch and strengthen in this challenging and fun workout that promises to tone your entire body!

  • Suspension Flow for Hamstrings with Shanjitha

    In this Suspension Flow class we will be engaging through the hamstrings, quads and glutes to build strength and stability for strong healthy legs. Excellent work out to get the blood flowing to the lower body and make your booty come alive!

  • Suspension Yoga For A More Flexible Spine

    If your back is feeling stiff, achy and rigid, this may be the perfect suspension work-out for you. This gently-paced sequence is designed to restore mobility, strength and flexibility to the spinal column and its supporting musculature. The poses incorporate gentle warm-up movements with easy...