Yin Yoga

  • Yin Yoga for Pitta Dosha with Lindsey

    Slow and cooling based practice to balance out fiery Pitta. Find balance with this cooling, water-based movements in this Yin practice. Postures are held longer helping the practitioner to explore deeper, and to release the fascial tissue. This is open and available to all levels.

  • Yin Class with Antoinette

    A short & nourishing Yin class. Slow down & breath with yourself! Bring some bolsters block or pillows.

  • Hip Opening Yin Yoga with Shanjitha

    A perfect class to stretch and release tension in your hips, lower back, and the whole lower body. Yin yoga is a passive practice where we hold deep stretches from 2-5 minutes targeting deep connective tissue in the body including ligaments, bones, and joints. I will be guiding you through some h...