Flowing Through Your Weekday Playlist A

Flowing Through Your Weekday Playlist A

This playlist is all about aliveness and enthusiasm to prepare powerfully for whatever your day has in store for you. Nothing can get your prana flowing better than an energetic Ashtanga. Vinyasa morning practice with Antoinette. To maintain your energy levels during that midday slump, we recommend a 20-minute computer break for some delicious Chest and Shoulder Openers with Jane. At the end of an active day, one of the best ways to wind down and ensure a restful sleep is to set a little time aside in your evening for your Gratitude Meditation practice with Michelle Righetti.

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Flowing Through Your Weekday Playlist A
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa with Antoinette

    Enjoy an energizing practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa, connecting breath & movement as one. Clear & focus your mind, build strength, confidence & flexibility. The more energy you create the more you feel grounded & good!

  • Chest & Shoulder Opening with Jane

    Bring some relief to tight or sore shoulders and open up space across the chest. Appropriate for any level.

  • Gratitude Meditation

    Gratitude is the most powerful healing and manifesting emotion! In this 10-minute guided meditation, take a short break to infuse your cells and tune your brainwaves to gratitude. This short meditation break is the perfect reset to get you back on track, promote relaxation, positivity, healing, a...