Specialty Classes

  • Introducing the Headstand

    Headstand is a powerful posture with many benefits. But it also has some risks. In this video, Beatrix leads the beginner through a step-by-step process that will ultimately lead to great results - whether or not your legs make it up all the way into the air.

  • 5 Tibetans Morning Rites with Beatrix

    When practiced regularly, these 5 simple movements provide amazing benefits: strength, flexibility, vitality, energy, youthfulness and balance. And, that's just naming a few! They also rebalance your chakras. Recommended for mornings or evenings 3 - 21 repetitions several times a week but only ...

  • Joyful Hands with Antoinette

    Some fun hand & finger exercises that activate your electromagnetic energy field, relieving tension, increasing strength and enhancing your freedom of movement.

  • Back-Bending Postures with Dominique and Beatrix

    A short series of classical back-bending postures in sequential progression to assist with opening the chest and introducing ultimate flexibility to the spine.

  • Kids Suspension Intro with Michelle

    A quick little orientation, on Setting Up the YogiGym® and 3 Rules for Safety.

  • Kids Suspension Yoga™ with Michelle

    Suspension Yoga™ for Kids: a 30 minute animal adventure: This all-levels class for kids ages 5-9 (or kids at heart!) will lead children through an exploration of the imagination, our most popular animals, and learning to fly, while empowering them to build confidence, receive the benefits of Susp...

  • Prenatal Suspension Yoga™ with Jane

    Gentle Prenatal Suspension Yoga™ designed for all trimesters, including gentle stretching, strengthening and relaxation to help relieve discomfort and create more muscular support and relaxation during pregnancy.