Suspension Yoga™

  • Suspension Yoga For A More Flexible Spine

    If your back is feeling stiff, achy and rigid, this may be the perfect suspension work-out for you. This gently-paced sequence is designed to restore mobility, strength and flexibility to the spinal column and its supporting musculature. The poses incorporate gentle warm-up movements with easy...

  • Suspension Yoga™ Flow Handles with Beatrix

    This short but effective warm-up using just the handles of the YogiGym for a delicious full body stretch is the perfect way to start any day..

  • Restorative Suspension Yoga™ with Beatrix

    Turn down the lights, turn on your favourite easy listening or meditation playlist, grab a couple of pillows, a blanket, your YogiGym® and treat yourself to some "me" time. This soul soothing practice is perfect for the end of day before bed or any time you feel the need for some deep relaxation.

  • Suspension Yoga™ Level II with Beatrix

    Join Beatrix for an aerobatic workout that focuses on developing strength and proprioception while dramatically enhancing your personal yoga practice. This class is a bit more challenging and adventurous than regular Suspension Yoga™. It is recommended that participants have previously attended a...

  • Suspension Yin with Michelle

    Support your body’s natural healing powers in this gentle, stress relieving class infused with Reiki self-healing meditation. Each pose is held for a little longer, to allow your muscles to relax , and your connective tissues to receive the benefits of each asana. This class will help you to reli...

  • Suspension Yoga™ Flow Level I with Lindsey

    All levels suspension flow that moves from the lowest level to a full inversion. This class combines core, balance, and restorative movements.

  • Suspension Yoga™ All Levels Flow with Feng

    A beautiful flow sequence with postures focusing on balance, spinal decompression, lengthening hamstrings, opening hips and releasing the shoulders with a little core thrown in for a well-rounded class.

  • Suspension Fullbody Workout with Polina

    Stretch and strengthen in this challenging and fun workout that promises to tone your entire body!

  • Suspension Flow for Hamstrings with Shanjitha

    In this Suspension Flow class we will be engaging through the hamstrings, quads and glutes to build strength and stability for strong healthy legs. Excellent work out to get the blood flowing to the lower body and make your booty come alive!

  • Suspension Yoga™ Intro with OJ

    Join O.J. as he guides you through this beginner friendly class. Begin with simple grounded poses as you build your confidence in using the Yogigym® Suspension Sling. Discover the many ways that it supports you in grounded, aerial, and even inverted poses.

  • Suspension Core Workout with OJ

    Powerful core exercises employing gravity-resistance training for both the front and back body ranging from very simple grounded postures to more advanced aerial versions.