Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flows

  • Destress Yoga with Andrea

    We will begin the class with seated stretches and move onto a main sequence including full body stretches, twists and a little core work! The class ends with gentle stretches lying down, allowing you to come into a relaxing state and give you space to let go of stress.

  • Chest & Shoulder Opening with Jane

    Bring some relief to tight or sore shoulders and open up space across the chest. Appropriate for any level.

  • Awaken and Breathe! with Dominique

    Join Dominique for a quick morning Sun Salutations session followed by a brief guided meditation to set up your mind, body and spirit for a beautiful day.

  • Relax and Release with Dominique

    A wonderful way to start or end your day. Relieve your tension, be it physical, mental or emotional, with gentle postures selected to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System and deeply relax your whole body.

  • Gentle Vinyasa Flow with Beatrix

    The breath is a powerful healing tool. Take some time out of your hectic day to explore what it means to be conscious. Surrender to the moment. Breathe, move, be mindful. This a slowly paced meditative class, linking the flow of the breath with very gentle repetitive movements of the body. Redisc...

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa with Antoinette

    Enjoy an energizing practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa, connecting breath & movement as one. Clear & focus your mind, build strength, confidence & flexibility. The more energy you create the more you feel grounded & good!

  • Classical Hatha Class with Antoinette

    Awaken your body, mind and spirit while practicing a more classical style. With a flow of asanas & modifications for all ages. This class will leave you feeling healthy and connected.

  • Slow Flow with Lindsey

    A meditative form of vinyasa yoga, leaving space in between poses to notice the effects of your asanas. Retaining the gentle rhythm of flow, but taken at a slower pace, allowing deepened stretches and longer strength building holds.

  • Evening Yoga Flow with Shanjitha

    This yoga flow is perfect to practice at the end of the day, to wind down and relax your body and mind. A gentle flow to slow down and tune in to your breath. A beautiful way to end a busy day and prepare the body for bedtime. Practice this flow regularly and incorporate it into your evening rout...

  • Power Core Yoga with Shanjitha

    This Core practice targets the abdominals and fuels the digestive fire. Building that personal power and self confidence from the inside out. A powerful energizing practice to strengthen and tone your midsection.

  • Good Morning Flow with Shanjitha

    This well-rounded yoga flow will help you warm up the body and release morning stiffness leaving you feeling energized for the day ahead. Practice this flow regularly and incorporate it into your morning routine. Start your day right, feeling your best! Perfect sequence for all levels.